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Rule 1: all H Files will be guarded by a guardian:

 #ifndef __MYFILE_H_
 #define __MYFILE_H_

Rule 2:

H files will never produce code, neither declare new variables.

Global variables will reside in a C file and externed in the H.

 uint32 gMyGlobalVariable;      // forbidden!
 uint32 MyFunction()           
 {                              // forbidden!
 #define MY_MACRO(a) printf(a) // OK.
 uint32 MyPrototype()          // OK.

Rule 3:

Please follow the following structure:

 if (condition)  // one space after the if.
 else            // optional.

Rule 4:

Function's Failure and single-exit point. This is the only permitted form of goto.

 bool MyFraction(uint8 a, uint8 b, uint32* out)
     bool Result = false;
     if ( 0 == b )
     {    // Division by zero!
          goto Failure;
     Result = true;
     return Result;

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