Roadmap for OpenTitus 1.0

This is a list of features that will be added prior to 1.0 release, that is not present in the latest release (0.7).

Improve character-printing delay Status: Fixed 16.11.11 (fonts.c) Squeeze all bugs Status: In progress

Scan the folder and generate titus.conf automaticly Status: Not started

Alert if titus or moktar files not found, instead of "just quit" Status: Not started

Switch between fullscreen and window mode in-game Status: Not started

Switch between titus and moktar in-game Status: Not started

In-game double output size (320x200->640x400) Status: Not started

Fullscreen: center output on black screen, in-game cycle screen resolution Status: Not started

Improve delay functions, calculate correct values Status: In progress

Implement adlib audio (for starters, the crappy adlib emulator that works) Status: In progress

Reimplement amiga mod audio Status: Not started

Make it possible to load custom levels made with MTF Status: Not started

Add in-game credits Status: Not started

Buffer all sprites in memory, including flipped sprites (but not "flash") Status: Not started

Keep sprites in hw memory, to accelerate blitting Status: Not started

Perhaps store sprites with the screen's pallette, if possible (remember flash) Status: Not started

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